CounsellingAre you stuck in a ‘Relationship Rut’? Stressed? Tearful? Anxious?  Finding life difficult?

Are you ready for a change?

Talking to somebody in confidence can make a positive difference. I offer Relationship and Bereavement Counselling for couples, individuals or families. Emotionally Focused Therapy can refresh your relationship with your children and yourself as well as your romantic partner. It is a research-based approach aimed at providing the support needed to reconnect and rebuild safety and trust; ideal for couples who feel trapped in an unhealthy or dysfunctional  relationship cycle.


None of us gets through life without experiencing a serious loss of some kind. Even though skilled at problem-solving, sometimes a card is dealt that we cannot just put right in the way we have always done. The loss of our perception of ourselves as being in control and therefore invulnerable and safe, can be disturbing and painful. In living through a deep crisis, we feel in unfamiliar territory, and vulnerable, so that turning to someone else can be helpful. If the loss,however, is the person with whom we would have shared that loss, then counselling can help. It is hard when faced with profound losses to see where any benefit may lie  But if we dare to enter into the experience of all the deep, conflicted feelings surging through us at such a time and acknowledge the losses involved, mourning can bring about growth.

“All of us, from the cradle to the grave, are happiest when life is organised as a series of excursions, long or short, from the secure base provided by our attachment figures”  John Bowlby (1979)