Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs  

This is a twelve-week specially-designed programme, involving step-by-step gentle classes, which encourages students to become self-sufficient in the long term. Classes are supported with five home practice sheets, a pain-relieving ‘menu sheet’, a manual and a four-track CD teaching you physical and mental relaxation. For further information  Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs and PDF Leaflet

I also offer one-to-one and group therapeutic yoga sessions for:- –

  • joint replacements
  • arthritis
  • anxiety and depression
  • stress
  • living with cancer
  • insomnia
Yoga Nidra (also known as ‘yogic sleep’) is a practice that provides restorative poses, guided meditation and guidance for a deep state of relaxation.
By invoking the ‘calming’ parasympathetic nervous system in all layers of the body, Yoga Nidra lowers the stress hormones, releasing accumulated stress, both physical and emotional pain.